Street Pastors to advertise on window.i.connect information points

Glasgow City Council has been approached by the charitable organization Street Pastors to advertise on window.i. connect information points in and around the city center.

Street Pastors is made up of people from the Ascension Trust, local churches and community groups. They work together on issues affecting youth and initiatives that will build trust between them and the street pastors. Street pastors are on hand to help young people in the evening (usually Fridays and Saturdays) between 10 pm and 4 am and are trained in counselling, drugs awareness, sociology, knowing the community, and street safety.

As the Street Pastor gets to know people in the community he/she will find out their needs are and what can be done to help. The role is not about preaching heaven and hell, but one of listening, caring and helping – working in an unconditional way.

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Street Pastors was pioneered in London in January 2003 by Rev Les Issac and has seen some remarkable results including drops in crime in areas where teams have been working.”


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Window.i supports missing people:

Missing People provide support for missing children, vulnerable adults and families left in limbo. The charity offers families of the missing with specialist advice and practical support and also searches – securing publicity that could end years of heartache.

Some window support links here:


Missing children face many dangers from physical and sexual abuse to sleeping rough. Through Runaway Helpline we can provide these young people with a lifeline of hope. And it’s not just children in desperate situations you can help; Missing People enables vulnerable adults to pass a Message Home. Through this service, the charity gives adults the opportunity to take the first step to making contact, while reassuring those left behind that they are safe.

window.i supports missing people by working closely with local councils and using window.i’s network of screens, throughout the UK. Using window.i’s campaign manager, photos and details of missing persons advertised to the public alongside the council’s campaigns.  Any member of the public who has seen the missing person are encouraged to call the charity on Freefone 0500 700 700 (from the UK).


window.i pilots public information points for glasgow city council:

Glasgow City Council have successfully piloted window.i connect interactive displays that work through glass. These are located in libraries, job centres and the Business Gateway Centre in Buchannan Street. Glasgow City Council introduced window.i connect to enable community councils across the city to effectively engage with their communities.


Launch of Community Councils’ Public Information Point at Hillhead Library and Learning Centre:

Hillhead Library on Byres Road saw the launch of an innovative Public Information Point in April. The touch terminal, which is accessible from the street, contains council information and will host information and material related to the library and the role it plays in the local area. Hillhead Library and Learning centre was selected for this location after Kelvinside Community Council and others lobbied to become part of the pilot scheme.


Bailie Hanzala Malik, wearing his gold chain and representing the Lord Provost, cut the ribbon to formally open the machine, watched by Councillors George Roberts, Mohammed Razaq and Mary Paris, along with Kelvinside community council members Ann Laird, Mairi Ogg, Ian Bayne, Eilidh Benson, Freda Robertson and David Cowan, together with two representatives from Partick Community Council.


Kelvinside Community Council are particularly grateful for extra efforts by Bailie Malik and the support of the members of the Council’s Hillhead Area Committee and Alex Hewetson at the Community Councils’ Resource Centre, all collaborating with Culture and Sport Glasgow and staff at Hillhead Library and Learning Centre to secure this facility for the West End. If you have any suggestions for additional content or information, please contact Hillhead Library and Learning Centre on 0141 276 1617, or email the Community Councils’ Resource Centre at:


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