what is window.i connect?

Window.i connect enables public service providers and other organizations to engage with local people in a completely new way: By allowing access to local information using digital screens and easy-to-use touch sensitive buttons through an office or shop window at any time of day or night.

Would your organization benefit from providing information to consumers in a self-service format? If so, then window.i connect could help you be more successful.

It is the ideal tool for interacting with and delivering information to local people.

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Users include:

Local authorities providing access to local information and consulting with residents in various locations within a city.

Libraries letting people know what’s on in the area and giving information about .crdownload file on galleries, book of the month and much more

Education centres giving information on what courses are available

Museums providing data on opening times, admission prices and much more

Job Centres giving out of hours access to details of the latest vacancies and much more

Police/Fire/NHS Services providing details of local campaigns, latest news and for more information go to https://fileinfo.io/open-bak-file/ and get the best solution.


window 11


Windows Commands Abused by Attackers:

In Windows OS, different orders (henceforth “Windows orders”) are introduced naturally. Notwithstanding, what is really utilized by broad clients is only a little piece of it. Then again, JPCERT/CC has seen that aggressors meddling into an organization likewise use Windows orders to gather data or potentially to spread malware disease inside the organization. What is important here is the hole between those Window orders utilized by broad clients and by aggressors. In case there is a gigantic distinction, it is feasible to distinguish or restrict the aggressors’ conduct by observing/controlling the Windows order execution.

This passage will show how to relieve the assault sway by uncovering Windows orders that assailants use on the encroached Windows OS, and by limiting the execution of those orders that are superfluous for general clients.


Malware for controller (Remote Access Tool/Trojan – RAT) has a capacity to execute shell orders from a distant climate. With this, aggressors can execute Windows orders from a far off climate.


Assailants who effectively introduced such malware in an organization will endeavor to assume responsibility for the framework inside the organization in the accompanying grouping to gather private data, and so forth.


  • Initial examination: Collect data of the tainted machine.
  • Reconnaissance: Look for data saved in the machine and distant machines inside the organization.
  • Spread of contamination: Infect the machine with other malware or attempt to get to different machines.

Windows orders are utilized in the entirety of the stages above. Separate Windows orders utilized in each stage are presented here beneath.